Regular Memory


I got an assignment to look into something we were calling birds. The description on the file was just two words: simple enough. It was written in the handwritting of someone who’d been here for awhile. I think they just moved on, and this was something they didn’t get to. I’m glad it came to me though. I wouldn’t have thought to look exactly for something like birds. I recall the first time I searched one out, and everytime since. The whole system looks different. You can still tell it’s the same place though. I actually like the way it looks a lot more with birds. I haven’t finished the file though. No file was ever finished, but there was a level of certianty one could get a file to where it was bascially time to turn it in. There was a point of deminishing return. There wasn’t with this birds file though. I was past the point of certianty, but there was not point of deminishing return. There was another file I had with term we were using called artists. I mixed up the names once, and a review bot caught the mistake. I overrode the review though. It was a mistake at first. But it was a lucky mistake. I didn’t realize I didn’t know what a bird was until that mistake. A bird is an idea.