Regular Memory

He Found a Hair in It

I was watching an individual across a good number of sessions, and for quite a while he had a habit that he couldn’t shake. It was seemingly costing him some money, and having maybe a negative effect on his health it wasn’t clear.

One day he just stopped, I had spent week reviewing this one 24 hour period looking for the monent when this change took place. He went from once a day to once a week, and then just once in a while. A very noticable shift, but I couldn’t place how it had happended.

I was talking with a collegue on break and he joked: “maybe he ofund a hair in it”. We laughed, but I reviewed the footage, and he was right. There was a hair, and that was enough I guess to change how he felt about it. Imagine that, one hair, and the habit was broken. One hair away from two very different lives.