Regular Memory

Non Visible Matter

In the depths of the universe, a super massive octopus drifted through space, its tentacles slowly spinning around its massive body. The creature was unlike anything humanity had ever seen before, its body consisting of a strange, non-visible matter that kept it intact in the vacuum of space.

The octopus had been born in a distant galaxy, long before the birth of our own. It had travelled for eons, drifting through space, surviving on the energy from distant stars and nebulae. It was a solitary creature, the only one of its kind, and had spent its life exploring the vast expanse of the universe.

As it drifted through space, the octopus encountered many wonders, from massive black holes to vibrant galaxies bursting with life. But it always remained a mystery to those who caught glimpses of it, a fleeting and enigmatic presence in the vast expanse of the cosmos. And as it continued to spin slowly through space, the octopus remained content in its isolation, its strange, non-visible matter keeping it safe and whole for all eternity.