Regular Memory

Nothing Serious

Maybe in grade five what the first time I watched someone play out a fictional interaction in their head. Something that wouldn’t ever happen, but something like a scene from a movie with charcters heavily based on their own live. A brief dialogue exchange would occur, but the timing would be right. Not so many extra words would be said.

It left them noticibaly feeling more relaxed. I think they would have these visions in times of stress maybe caused by relationships. People who had them would often continue to have them until their old age. By the time they were old, they wouldn’t have the energy anymore, or it would finally be clear to them that nothing was going to change. That those five or so min they spent ackwardly socially being inept across a handful of occasions over four or so years would never suddenly present themselves in such a way that they would have a second attempt at making it right.

If they were luckym, they’d know that there was no right way. Whatever way it was, it just was that way. That would be comforting to them if they were lucky.