Regular Memory


There was one subject and one instance where he saw something change. It happened over the course of a week. A routine was broken. At least, at first he thought the routine was broken, but, after he observed for some time, he found he came to some sort of understanding about why there had been a change. Though paradoxically the individual seemed confused at first despite planning the change. Slowly, over the course of a week, the observer began to watch more intentently, and found it harder to pull himself away. Something he couldn’t quite put into words was happening slowely but surely. He though back to how the subject first came across to him when he started the observation. Very different than now, and that was only half-way through the transformation. He watched afterward as the subject sat silently contemplating his change.

This observation stayed with him for some time. He would observe others and feel sorry for them. That they would never experience what he had witnessed. Or did they, did they look back at him and know something he didn’t. He certianly never could explain what he saw to others. They wouldn’t understand. They would tell him things in return, but he wouldn’t feel the same way about them. A miscommunication. But knowing that something haddn’t been communicated clearly didn’t allow him to fix the communication. All he could do was watch.