Regular Memory

Subject Matter

He was told not to select what to observe based on its perceived importance. Because the importance of a given observation was likely subjective. If he chose observations based on his own understanding of importance, others likely wouldn’t understand him, and he wouldn’t understand what he was observing if he intentionally chose observations that others would likely consider important. So, he was left with little direction regarding what should be observed, but that had always worked out well.

Long before he became an observer, before he even knew what an observer was, he experienced no lack of interesting observations for any one thing over any amount of time. Back then, he chose what to observe based lazely on what he happened to be around at any given moment. He often observed himself and would externally describe himself to others as being in a state of boardom, but, internally, he was very curious and excited about why he felt this way; he wondered if his goal should be to somehow escape boardom or to learn to follow it to a conclusion, which, if there was one, he never did reach it.

A short while after he got to The Academy, he was either very cleverly taught, or he took it upon himself to learn - and he could never tell which was which - how to observe things that were not immediatly around him. He got quite good at doing this; he became so good that in some cases he would forget what was around him, and the things around him lost some importance. It was only some time after he left The Academy that woke up in a small room with only a handful of thigs around him, and, for the first time, he felt lonely. Since then, he has taken care to find a balance between observing his surroundings and observing what he is not around.

He finds that his observations form something of a path; a path that leads to further observations. He has followed many kinds of paths in the past, and of the set of paths he is fimillar with this Path of Observations is quite poorly marked such that sometimes he is not even sure there is a path. Nevertheless, each day he finds himself somewhere different than the day before, and he can almost feel a connection between yesterday and today. If he observes the connection closely, it often goes way, yet, from a certian perspective, he is fairly sure something of a path is visible; at least, what he has observed in the past certianly looks like a path, and, the moment he observes something new, that looks like a path too. It’s just whats in front of him that never looks clear until he take a few steps forward.