Regular Memory

The Author

The existence of an author is a necessary condition for there to be content. The content included in this blog is a set of observations collected by an author and presented to anything interested in reviewing it.

If spelling, grammar, or accuracy in the posts on this blog are less than desired, one can only use these deviations to learn more about the filter through which the observations have been passed.

If an observation made by an author differs from what we as a reader expect, it is perhaps not possible to know if the author made an incorrect observation or if the observation originally differed from what was expected. The observation and author cannot be seperated and thus can be understood only relative to one another.

Nevertheless, in this post, one might expect to find an explination of where the author is from or where the author is located now. However, it is not well understood by the author where the author came from and perhaps the reader can relate. By best approxination, the author is simply a collection of things that were already present but combined in such a way as to allow the collection to observe itself and its environment. Currently, the author believes he inhabits a collection quite similar to the one that he has always inhabited, yet, almost certianly, the most of the individual components have been replaced by now.

In terms of what the author does with his time, it can only be said that the author makes observations. A small fraction of those observations have been written up in this blog. The author has made many observations that do not appear in this collection although many of those observations are inaccurate and rely on assumptions that might cause those observation to be assigned a misleadingly high value.