Regular Memory

The Center

Once upon a time, there was a small rock that sat nestled in a riverbed. The rock was unremarkable, just one of many that lined the river, but little did anyone know that this rock held within it a secret. This rock was unique in that it held the key to the meaning of life itself.

Over time, the rock began to change. It started to glow and hum, and eventually, it became self-aware. It realized the importance of the knowledge it held and understood the immense power it had to change the world.

As the rock became more powerful, it began to consider the implications of its newfound consciousness. It could have done anything it wanted, but after careful consideration, it made the decision to remain a rock. The knowledge it held was too important to be shared indiscriminately, and the rock knew that the world wasn’t ready to understand the meaning of life.

Despite its immense power, the rock remained humble and chose to stay in its place. It watched the world around it, observing the changing landscape and the passage of time. The rock knew that its time would eventually come, and it patiently waited for the day when humanity would be ready to understand the meaning of life.

As time went on, the rock slowly began to erode away. A million years had passed since it had first become self-aware, and now it was little more than a small pebble. But even as it slowly crumbled into dust, the rock remained content. It had fulfilled its purpose, and it had done so with grace and humility.

In the end, the rock’s legacy lived on. The knowledge it held had been passed down through the ages, and eventually, humanity did come to understand the meaning of life. And though the rock was long gone, it had played a vital role in shaping the world as we know it today.