Regular Memory


All experience is equal to any other experience

The experiences that one has had in the past and are having right now are equal to any other set

We do what we feel like and whatever that set of things is is equal to anyother

It is not possible to do anything

To do nothing is to not exist

We exist at minimum for the single instant of time in which we are right now

This instant existance for this moment is all we can say that has ever happened

The only possible way that we can achieve our goal of felling completely fulfilled. Is to declair that the events that have taken place so far in our existance, or the single instant in which we exist, is the perfect set of events, and that no other set could be better because all sets are equal

If others ask us to help them they are giving us the privlidge of allowing us to sacrifice some part of ourselves to help them, and, if we can bring ourselves to help them, this is valuable

Everyone has some skill. Is passionate about somethings. It may bring one fulfllment to use their skill to do their passion in service of others

Before we can serve others we must serve ourselves

Serving ourselves is the only thing we can ever do

Perhaps a valuable way to serve ourselves is to serve others

In practice, all life will end. For this reason, all life does ultimatly reach the same outcome. Thus all existance is equal.

We have the freedom to do what we feel we want to do knowing the regardless of the thing and regardless of the outcome we exist now in this instant moment of time and that is the most profound and fulfilling thing that we will ever know for sure that we have experienced